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    Features to have on your blog, to make sure your visitor gets the best UX (User Experience)

    UX was something me and my boyfriend recently had few disagreements about. So I googled. I googled a lot. And this got me thinking about UX in general, and how to actually make a website that crates the best UX along with good design and good content of course. But let’s talk about UX now.

    UX is a User Experience on the website, and it counts in everything – loading speed, intuitive usage, good picture quality, responsiveness, ability to find what the user came to find. When you own a website, you actually want a visitor to stay as long as it can, so you create the environment in which user can easily navigate without thinking about it for too long.

    I want to talk about blogs in particular – the features and things that every blog should have in order to create a good user experience and create environment, in which your visitor can focus on the content instead of looking for one thing or another.

    Overall :
    1. Good quality pictures – that seems like a no brainer, but even Kanye can’t handle that. Whenever I go to a website with bad quality pictures, it looks fishy to me and I can’t focus on the content.
    2. Responsiveness – your website should have a perfectly working versions that would fit every screen – desktop, tablet or mobile. Especially these days, when so many of our readers visit us on their mobile phones or other portable devices.
    3. Loading speed – If the page loads for too long, user can give up and ever even come trough your website. I know I do that. You can check your website loading speed here and you will get more detailed information on what could be done to improve it.
    More detailed :
    1. Home button – it really annoys me, when the logo of the website does not take me to the home page. A killer. But also, sometimes, I want to see an actual button that says “home” on it. I might wandered somewhere and I want to teleport home, is it too much to ask?
    2. About me page or widget – user want to access it at any given time. Whenever I go to a website, especially blog, half of the time I end up reading about page. That creates sort of image on the blogger, a backstory too.
    3. Contact page – you want a potential customer to actually be able to reach you easily. Create a contact page, with all the contact information you are willing to share with a stranger. You might even consider adding a Contact form (I use this plugin for adding a contact form).
    4. Search – Search bar should be accessible at any given time too. See, I get really annoyed when I visit a blog, and can’t find a search bar. Say, I might have seen the post that I liked, that was posted 6 months ago.  If blogger posts almost every day, I have to look trough many many many pages to reach that post. I rather say never mind.
    5. Archive page – for the same reason there is a search bar, but f.e. I can’t remember the post name. Or what was it about. Or I just want to see all posts in one place. It can be chronological, and you can see archives by month, or it can be visual, and you would see icons of every post. Both is the best.
    6. Social media – whenever I really like the page, I go to their Instagram account, then Pinterest. You want the stream to go both ways – from your website to your SM, vice versa.
    7. Newsletter – newsletter is the best practice to remind of your existence to your visitors. I subscribe to the website whenever I like the content, because I know I might actually forget about the website. There is a plugin, to add a newsletter form to your website.
    8. Categories – even if you write about one topic, there are some subcategories, and maybe your user is only interested in that one particular subtopic. Let it be. Let your user access all that your user needs easily by adding categories somewhere, when the user can find them instantly.

    These features are usually build in your template or a plugin – all you need to do is actually set them up, which will take you few minutes. If your theme doesn’t have some features, you might need a help from a programmer (like creating a visual archive page). But it is totally worth the time – because once you created all of this, your user will be happy and focus on the content. All you need now is some great content.

    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2017 Mar 23