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    Guess what? “Hello, it’s August” recently turned the proud age of 1 year! My blog been here for way longer than that, but after I rebranded it, moved it, and changed direction a bit, it was reborn as “Hello, it’s August” and probably no surprise that it’s birthday is on August.
    Second guess what is that my birthday is also in August (yes, and my name is August, what a coincidence). I celebrated my birthday a week ago with my friends, spend some time with the people I care most about and got the most amazing presents.
    I noticed that even during the year, my blog changed along with my changing life, and blog for a while now, became the part of my life. I can promise you, that it will change even more, since I want to be more open about life and less of creating illusions of life.
    Thank you for being with me trough this journey :)


    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8