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    When my Mac got some issues, I turned it in to Apple service and while it seems nice to have a break from work, I almost went insane after half of the day of watching all the missed episodes of “doctor who”, so I decided to work on articles for my blog. I have seen few articles about time to post on social media, so I decided to really dig into this topic.
    I did some research on social media timings, and to my surprise all sources were a bit different from each other. Why? Because every audience in every country is a bit different.
    So my only logical step was to analyse my particular audience, and thank the gods of social media I was easily able to do that. So let’s dig into it.
    My research about best times to post on Facebook was the most different one from another, so I have found the way to see your particular audience most active time, and you can do it right now. Just go to your Facebook page >> Insights >> Posts.
    You can see the the total activity in each day, and the more detailed graphs by hours.
    My insights showed that there are most people on Monday,  Thursday,  Saturday and Sunday.
    Talking about hours, it was all over the place. There were some tendancies though:
    Every day between 8-10pm.
    All days except Wednesdays on 5-7pm.
    Weekends around 11 am – noon.
    You should recheck your Facebook activity every once in a while to be sure if you are posting on the best time.
    Even though my research said that there were no such things as the best hours to post on Instagram, I realised I need to dig deeper into my particular Instagram statistics. I used Iconosqaure for that, but they have changed their policy and the analytics wasn’t free anymore, so I went to look for other free Instagram analytics, and I’ve found Union Metrics. You log in and see all info, including best posting times. So my analysis was, that my audience peaks on:
    Tuesdays to Fridays on 10am – noon.
    Weekend was pretty low comparing to workdays.
    + You can see interesting things in that Iconosquare optimisation bar, like your tags popularity and most popular tags.
    You should recheck this once in a while also.
    I trusted my research on this because all research told pretty much the same:
    Best days to post: Saturday and Sunday
    Best hours to post: late evening 9-11pm.
    + I’ve found out that for fashion retailers best time to post is Friday 3pm (so I believe that works for fashion bloggers too).
    And I found out that there is the best time to post on your blog too:
    Best time to post: 11 am.
    But I believe that any time in the early morning is good. It depends on your particular audience, time zone, and other things, and I believe that early bird gets the worm, so the earlier the better (not that crazy 5am posts though).
    Important note:
    When your audience go to their social media, you want the post to be out there already, so be sure to post at least 30 min before top peaks. And if you can’t be online on the peak times, be sure to use scheduling tools.
    And be sure to have your social media peaks written down somewhere to be easily accessible when you are scheduling your posts, and I like to print that kind of important information.
    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8