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    I have to start with one thing – I am a huge fan of sports wear. Not the whole sporty sports wear, but something created by a sports wear brands that are meant mostly for leisure and not sports in particular. So when I had the opportunity to reintroduce myself to Lithuanian brand “Audimas” I was kind of excited. First of all because they used to be kind of blah, and then they changed their strategy and became kind of legit as a brand for not only sports, but also leisure.

    Their main focus still remains creating comfortable, active lifestyle kind of clothes, and they invest tons of time and money into research to make their clothing as functional, good looking and most important – they are working on technology to make the materials pretty much awesome. I am not a huge fan of something other than cotton, but this time I believed (since scientist worked on that and who would disagree with scientists).

    So let’s talk about the dress – it is a pretty simple dress, but first of all it feels really nice, light, and second of all, it let’s your skin breathe even during the hottest days (which are probably not coming to Lithuania any time soon). So it has a light cammo texture, and I was always into cammo, so why not. It was created for modern city woman who likes to ride bicycles and that is kind of cool, since you probably can’t any decent non-pants attire to bike in and supposedly you will not look awful when you arrive at work and that is a major +.

    Rediscovering brands are fun, especially when it is local brands that are actually aware of their customer.

    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2017 Jul 3