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    When I started blogging, and that was a long time ago, my blogging was a quite spontaneous process. I posted when I had time and inspiration and of course was not consistent at all.
    When I started taking my blogging more seriously, I find out of some tools to help you save time, and some of those really changed my game, but what I trully believe is finding some keys on how you make your blogging easier. Some simple things that can change your blogging game, help you commit, save time and have consistency without content quality loss.
    So I want to share some things, that I already do, that saves me some time and prevents me from having blog related headaches.
    1. Planning.
    I am truly addicted to planning, but too spontaneous too actually stick to it. So I started to make plans, that have some space for spontaneuty, but at the same time gets me where they should.
    For blog, I create a monthly plan of posts, pictures and social media. I usually end up making 70% of the plan, and the rest 30% is either left to spontaneuty or other things. And if I make plan for posting 27 days or 31 in the month, and I end up writting 19 posts, that is enough for me.
    Of course planning takes time, usually I spend about 2 hours to make a plan, but then I don’t have topic withdraw and save myself time, because I go straight to writing a post.
    2. Scheduling blocks
    If I am not too stressed about time, I schedule and save time. Let’s say I had tons of work and no blog posts ready, if my planned post due date it tomorrow, I just jump to the posts and spend three hours making the post – researching, writing, photography, graphics, and ready to post. If I want to write 5 posts in this manner, it will take me about 15 hours.
    If my posts due date is a week ahead, I can spend two hours on research for 5 different posts, then about 4 hours writing them, then I spend 2 hours doing photos and editing them and an hour of getting posts ready. So that sums up to 8 hours. So I can fit it all into one workday.
    And let’s say I spend those 8 hours on strictly writing posts, I probably would write about 8-9 posts, then 3 hours for pictures and 2 hours for getting them ready. 13 hours for writing 9 posts.
    So the math behind this is basically if you dedicate yourself for one task, you can do it faster instead of spending time for transitioning between tasks.
    3. Automate
    Anything that can be automated in blogging process – should be automated. Time is precious, and we want to spend as less time as we need without losing the quality.
    • Create cliche files. You add a picture, change text, maybe change colour and picture is ready instead of creating new picture every time.
    • Use actions. If you use Photoshop for your graphics, you can create actions to rescale them to different social media platforms, or whenever you think of that you can automate.
    • Anything you can’t automate – write it down and have easily accesible. Like perfect time to post on social media, style guidelines, and checklists.

    4. Checklists.

    As your holy grail, you should have a checklist to every post. When few times I forgot to add SEO, or post my post on social media, I made a checklist, that I check with every post. I will talk about my blogging process step by step very soon, so that will include my checklist.
    5. Notes.
    A secret to any work is keeping notes. So when I write post, I write down a note on what I need for my graphics, any links I want to add or any other information. I am a true believer in the power of making notes. And I do all my notes either by hand on my notebook or on Evernote (and you can read my article about Evernote here).
    And what is your secret mindset methods that save you blogging time?
    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8

    • Great advice! Although I usually do something similar to what you wrote here. :) Normally I plan future posts in my head and also, if I have free time I try to write several posts ahead, so that when I would be busy I could just press ‘publish’ ant that’s that. One great tip that you did write here and I didn’t do was to write everything down – ideas, schedules, lists and etc. I’m even thinking about getting a separate notebook for my blog, haha. Anyway, these we’re good points that you made!

      Take care, xo

      • Thank you, and you should get a notebook for blog (and I recommend Moleskin, you can download extra templates from their website too). I got one for Christmas – super happy! :)