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    As a freelancer, I have freedom to choose my work hours, and this summer I’ve been managing a four workdays week, meaning I have a Friday as a part of my weekend. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but I realised that summer in Lithuania is short enough to let it slip away. And you still have to pay the bills, so I compromised.
    Same amount of work – less time
    I still have the same amount of work, and it means I have to do it in 4 days instead of 5, and that requires a proper system, time management and it means sometimes working after my work hours. Is it worth it? Totally.
    Inventing a system
    Mondays feel hard for me, because after 3 days of fun, getting back to work seems a bit harsh, though I tend to get the nastiest things done on Monday, because I’m all refreshed, rested and ready for work. My Mondays usually are crazy productive. I wake up and make a list of things to do, starting with the most urgent and the most uninspiring.
    As the week goes by, I cross of items of my list and add some new items, but I like to do all the work that I am excited about only after I finish the ugly tasks, so it ends up being mid/end of my work week.
    Informing your clients
    Some of the clients thinks, that if they work – you work. So I usually inform clients about my days off so they wouldn’t disturb me on MY weekend. Some of the clients tend to think I work on weekends too, so I tend to be very clear that I won’t be sitting by my computer, or I will be travelling somewhere, and I will get back at them on Monday.
    What is the gain?
    I have time to travel and to rest, to explore places. Two days off usually stopped me from going somewhere further, because it seemed too little – one day you come there, and on the next one you have to leave. Managing to have that extra day gives me a bit more freedom, and every weekend seems to be a little bit of a vacation instead of feeling like few days off. Almost every weekend I went out of town, and I still am, I explored amazing places I never been before and took a lot of pictures. Of course, it is all doable in two days, but 3 days feels like half of the week and on my calculations that is pretty awesome.
    I am not saying that everyone should do that, but I can say that Lithuanians are pretty hard working people, so at least on summer, when you can enjoy nice weather and do all the amazing activities (and summer goes by so fast), I let myself get carried away. I am not sure if this 3 days weekend will stay until the winter, because on winter, in my opinion, the best place to be is home, but for now I am super happy to have this little weird thing of mine.
    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8