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    After a long holiday season it is a bit hard for me, and I think not only me, to get back on track. And in my case it is not an after-holiday sadness, on a contrary – it is the want and need to change things. I believe that actually one of the most consistent things about me is the need to change things all the time. But after it hits midnight on new year eve, something awakens inside of me hoping that things will be different from that moment on.
    I don’t believe in things magically changing by their own – I believe in something changing inside of me that makes things around me change, and that is the part of my new year resolution every year. I don’t believe to suddenly waking up early, starting to exercise and eat healthier – I believe in step by step progression to reach my goal.
    So I decided that my year, my 2016, will be the year of HONESTY. Not only honesty to others, but most important – honesty to myself. I want to dedicate this year to being completely honest about what I want, what makes me happy and what I want to share with the world.
    Realising that I am an ever-changing individual with multilayered personality I want to spread not only one layer of myself, but I want to share my many layers of creativity, living and thoughts. I want to set myself free from what I believe that society wants me to be and be my completely honest self.
    I have always said that I don’t want to have a boring never-changing job, and I stand by it, but I started to feel like I have created this boring and never-changing thing in my blog, and that mostly happened because of reading too much articles that said “stick to one topic and write about it”. And I don’t believe this.
    So I was contemplating this idea for the whole start of 2016, and I thought about honesty to myself and you. And I started not caring about what articles says about writing on one topic, I believe my audience to be multilayered people too, interested in many things and not only one thing, one topic.
    I was conscious about the numbers too, because I was led to believe that my multilayered blog might be not as successful as a one-layered, but I like to believe in much more valuable measurements of success than numbers. I am only able to create value to my personal brand by staying completely honest to myself and if that leads to drop in the numbers, I am absolutely okay with that.
    I am not making any promises, because I tend to break them as soon as I say them out loud, but I want to start these 2016 with this honest post, this honest intentions and being prepared for the unexpected. I am open to the world and whatever idea I come up with, I might be sharing it here, on my blog.
    And what is your biggest change for 2016?
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    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8