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    Those who work in a creative field, probably are familiar of the feeling of being stuck with something. I learned that most of the time the best way to get out of it is either good night sleep or a walk. Just emptying your mind and getting some distance from your work usually does miracles.
    I usually say no to projects, that don’t feel like my kind of jam, but once in a while I get lured into these kind of project and then I take a lot of walks. The weather being so nice, I am not even complaining, and my partner in crime is willing to go out with me and take pictures of my outfits.
    So while on thing suffers – other blooms. With spare procrastination time on my hands (because I usually tend to work and not procrastinate) I made some design experiments, and I really like them (speaking about this picture layout style).
    Look – well I believe that spring is the time when peeps actually reveal their style. So yes, myself included and yes, it’s no secret I like to wear a modern rock kind of look.
    Sunglasses – Jimmy Choo
    Jacket – New Yorker
    Sneakers – Nike
    T-shirt – River Island
    Watch – Filippo Loreti
    Do you like this experimental layout? Share some thoughts on the comment section below.
    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8