Freelancing : 9 issues in communication with client

I’ve been freelancing for 4 years now, and I have encountered a lot of clients. Some of them are beyond great, and some of them, of course are not so much. Before you start freelancing, usually nobody tells you about those clients you have the struggle with, and you have this image of everything being great. Well it’s not all roses and butterflies. On more positive note, we all encounter them, and we learn to deal with them pretty quickly. We all share similar experiences and today, I want to talk about communication with your client and some struggles I occurred during the years, with some of my ways of dealing with the clients. Because some of them actually got us feeling like:

Review of 2016 – Favourite posts

If someone would've asked me "what's next?" I would probably show my plan or at least tell 5 steps that I have had planned for my future. But the past month, that might have been the longest month of my life, made me completely fall apart and all over the place leaving me without a solid plan.
Since my resolutions are all done, I decided to take some time and look at my blog in 2016. I want to share some of my favourite moments on my blog from 2016 with you to remind what a great year it was. So here it is.
p.s. I feel like this is a great opportunity to say thank you all the people who take my pictures, being very kind and putting up with my requests. Especially my boyfriend, who not only take me places, but also is patient enough to take pictures of me the way I want to. Cheers & love.

Winter gardens are somewhat magical places you should really visit - it feels like a botanical paradise, an oasis from all the noise. IMG_2217Photoshoot in a National Library in Vilnius. Lithuania.IMG_2010-2img_3038Lake by Hello, it's AugustWhat was the last time you've been to Nida? Maybe never? I believe this is a must visit place in Lithuania, and I want to share my latest impressions on it.Mondays used to feel painfully unproductive to me, so I learned to create some rituals before Monday and on Monday to get myself going after the weekend and set myself for a good and productive week.

Resolutions for 2017

This year I decided to do my New Year resolutions differently than I used to all past years. I was thinking deeply about my resolutions and my goals for the upcoming 2017. I started thinking about what brings me happiness, and most importantly, where and who I want to be in exactly one year. I thought about how to make resolutions, that would motivate me, and that in a year I would be proud to say I accomplished everything I planned to and it made me very happy.
I do realise, that neither my life nor me will suddenly change as soon as the clock hits midnight on the last night of the year, and I would be naive to expect that I would wake up on the first day of the year being completely different person ready to live a completely different life. And yes, the feeling of the fresh start is pretty strong, but not strong enough to conquer routine and habits.
This time my resolutions is not just a list of random things, it is a plan for the upcoming year. And I cannot actually plan everything that a year will bring me, but I can make sure I have a plan for what I can control.
After long thinking I finally made four plans : for my personal life, my work life, my blog and general one to tie them all up. My three plans with different aspects of my life, three front lines, that are most important to me, are very detailed – plans for my year goals and progress. They all have quarterly reality check points, which would let me check if I am on the right track, they all have deadlines and milestones.
And yes, I might actually fail miserably, but I will try again and again, and that is the most important thing – try and never give up.

Thank you, 2016

I feel like this week after Christmas and right before the new year is a week so think about the past year. A week to take a deep breath, sit down and think about all your resolutions for 2016, how they turned out, thinking about what good this year has brought you. Think about all the opportunities you took or passed, changes, and challenges you completed, what you learned during the year.
I did that and I actually feel grateful for this year. A lot has changed, and actually I am in the place I haven’t thought I’ll be. A lot has changed in my personal life and I am 100% happier now, a lot has changed in my work life and I am happier about that too. I grew as a person and grew as a freelancer too.
I took a look in my resolutions for 2016, and yes, not all of them are complete, but it all turned out for the best I would say. And since I am one year older and one year wiser, I can now make smarter resolutions for the next year.
So I just wanted to say thanks for the year I had, and even if sometimes it was hard, it all turned out okay, and sometimes even more than okay. And since my 2016 was a year of honesty as I said to myself, I honestly can tell, that I am grateful for this year, and that I want to do even better next year.

Move from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress platform

Why you should move your Blogger blog to self-hosted Wordpress platform ASAP
I wanted to write this post for a long time, because I feel like I owe this to my follow bloggers. Once in a while, I help bloggers to upgrade their blog, because I know they are focused on creating awesome content, rather then upgrading their blog to meet the standards of current blog UX or design. Needless to say, the platform. Some of the bloggers just don’t see a reason to upgrade, some just don’t find the perfect time to do it. Anyone that is reading this post, and have a well respected blog on Blogger, do me a favour and continue reading.

Blogger vs self-hosted WordPress site

It is great platform if you are starting to write a blog. Good, because it is free, easy to set up and you can test your willingness to continue writing a blog. But if you are second year in your blogging career, you get acknowledged and you get spotlight, you need to upgrade, like ASAP. Why?
It is like living in a rental apartment. Even if you feel comfortable enough, you are not able to change a lot of things. You just learn to live with it. But imagine actually owning the apartment and all the possibilities. Blogger will not provide you any of those.
WP on the other hand, opens you up to possibilities to create your blog exactly they way you want it to be.
  1. Free vs paid. While is free, you need a domain and hosting to run the website. That will cost you around 60$ per year. That is around 5$ per month, I believe it’s a small price to pay for what you get.
  2. vs – with custom domain you would be able to get real website adress, that sounds professional and make your website look way more legit.
  3. Email – with custom domain you’d be able to get custom email address, such as, which is not possible to do running free Blogger blog.
  4. Ownership – with Blogger, you don’t actually own anything that is on your website. It belongs to Google. Having your own domain and hosting, you own your content.
  5. Control over your blog – with Blogger, a platform that hasn’t been updated for quite a long time, you get very limited control over your blog. Using WP, you have tons of options, plus anything you want to change you can google – there is tons of information how to change things.
  6. Reliability – as Google closed Google reader, it might as well been Blogger. You can wake up one day with no blog at all. With self hosted website you can have reliability (if you use a reliable service provider).
  7. Future – imagine you want to add store to your blog – with Blogger you can’t actually do that easily, while with WordPress, is pretty not hard.
  8. Appearance – Blogger has very limited options for templates, and most of them are kind of old. They do not stand with standards of the current blog trends. While WP has whole internet of templates to offer, that goes from classic to newest, and as a developer of WP themes I can honestly say that the sky is the limit.
  9. Mobile version – Blogger’s mobile version drives me nuts. It’s so ugly, plus not that good to use. And every Blogger blog has the same one. WP mobile version comes with a theme. along with tablet version, and it matches your theme.
  10. Moving – Moving from one platform to other might actually be hard for a first timer, but gladly I can help. But sooner you do it, sooner you will have a proper blog. While moving at one point is basically inevitable, especially if you have a well growing blog, you might as well do it sooner to lose less (followers via Blogger, SEO).
Feel free to contact me with questions, and new year is for new goals, and why not to make your blog better?

Mood board #3 – day to night transition

I believe that I would not be wrong to say that now is pre Christmas season, which is very interesting time – especially when you are at least a bit of public person. Because, boy, we all know when you have to visit a lot of Christmas themed parties. And dressing up for those might be tricky, especially if you have few of them during work week. I mean, the struggle is real even if you work at home, and then spend few hours getting ready, but imagine doing this all straight after work.
This mood board is inspired by this struggle. When you have to look good at work and yet, have to go to a party in the evening. When I started creating this mood board, I was going for one transitional look, but then ended up creating more than one, because it was too inspiring. I wanted to show few options, that will make you feel like a boss at work, and like a star in a party, with basically the same look.
  1. First one is for a minimal dark colour gal like me. Simple, yet so fancy. Because a little black dress is always a very good option.
  2. Denim/ feminine look is a more girly vintage option. I am not a big fan of denim in general, but I do think that something so whimsical can come with an edge to make it look sophisticated yet funky.
  3. For a woman that is a fan of pants, I created a third look. Anything goes with sleek black pant, especially when you add a bit of shine, that is, in my opinion, totally appropriate for this festive season.

denim-feminine pants-look

  1. Coat / Dress / Shoes / Purse / Necklace
  2. Dress / Jacket / Shoes / Purse / Jewellery
  3. Pants / Shoes / Blazer / Purse / Top / Jewellery