National Library

Photoshoot in a National Library in Vilnius. Lithuania.


You know, sometimes you got those days, when you been working so much, that you actually forgot to do the laundry. So whenever you need to go somewhere, you start digging trough your closet and end up wearing something weird or unusual for you. That is what happened to me yesterday. Ripped jeans, dress, jacket, sneakers… I am at least glad my whole closet is colour coordinated.
Also, me and my friend had a morning photoshoot to do, and after that we took a walk to a renewed National Library. To be honest, I am very amazed by this place. It is clean, minimal, monochrome and that marble stairs got me straight up wanting for a photoshoot. So I did had a photoshoot.

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Travels : On a right track

I just love strange places, like this airport in Nida. Could you imagine there being an airport track, with nothing else but fields and forests around it with probably the widest pedestrian crossing that I have ever seen (okay, it might not actually be the pedestrial crossing, but it sure looked like one).
We were still enjoying the amazing weather in Nida and I was really keen on going to that airport, and I’m glad we did. It was basically around 2 km of empty road, that starts out of nowhere and ends with a clean cut. Kind of a magical place, how often you can see a road that wide empty in the middle of the day?
And if you missed the story about my trip to Nida, check out my post about it here.

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Dreamy water

This must be the most cliché photography I could think of, but I really enjoy taking pictures of water. I do. And I cannot help myself, but share it with you. Let’s say it is my dedication to the beauty of the nature.
I am not a big fan of swimming in the sea, nor lake, nor any other water source, except, probably, my bath, but there is something magical about seas and lakes and lagoons. It calms me down.
These pictures were taken in Nida, during my trip last weekend. Both sea and the lagoon were so calm, and I am not use to sea being so calm, so I just had to take pictures of that.

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True Gold

Why wait for an occasion to wear something you like? I will not wait anymore. I believe that beautiful clothes should be worn and enjoyed. True gold.
Gold is definitely not my go-to colour, but sometimes, very rarely I go for it. And when I do, I go full on gold mode.
This skirt also comes with a story: it has been sitting in my closet for quite a while now, always on the edge of staying/going. I’ve been reconsidering it at least few times during this year, thinking that it is too pretentious, just taking space in my closet waiting for some sort of the occasion. But at the end of last week, when I was packing bags for my trip to Nida, I though to myself – summer is over, this skirt might sit and wait for another year, why shouldn’t I just go for it? And I packed it hoping I will wear it. And I did.
Now, I don’t really care it it goes or stays, because I feel like I had use for it, it served the purpose, I might as well say goodbye to it without feeling guilty.



Travels : My weekend in Nida

What was the last time you've been to Nida? Maybe never? I believe this is a must visit place in Lithuania, and I want to share my latest impressions on it.
Oh, Mondays… Whenever I wake up on Monday, I got head full of plans and no time to do it all. The only thing I can do is do one thing at the time and see how it goes. And I like to start with my blog, when the memories from the weekend in Nida are still fresh.
This weekend I went to Kuršių Nerija, Nida in particular and it was a blast. I been there before, but on a different circumstances, so this time I saw this town in completely new eyes. I can easily say that Nida is the best place in Lithuania to have your well deserved time off. We rented a room literally 15 steps away from the lagoon – at night I could fall asleep to the sound of waves hitting the shore, and in the morning I could go to the balcony and enjoy the amazing view with the cup of coffee in my hands.
I had a plan to visit some places in Kuršių Nerija, and we visited most of them, and to be honest, there is not much to visit, because it is a place to spend your time by the sea, and have evening walks by the shore of the lagoon. But yet, I wanted to go to the few famous dunes, and I have some pictures to witness my visits. Actually, I brought way to much to share all in one post.
I am super glad we took this weekend for this trip. The weather was a lovely – it was warm enough to go to the beach, but not hot so I would think I am dying. On the second day’s evening it started to get gloomy and I kind of enjoyed that mysterious vibe of Nida, when you can’t actually see the horizon and the sea or the lagoon just seem to melt straight to the sky.
And more over, Nida got this vibe of relaxation and not being in a hurry, and it got this weird effect on me after going there from an intense city life – you just completely relax and go with the flow. It is probably the case with all seaside towns, I remember people saying that it is the beat of the waves that makes people all mellow and not worried about their problems.
So if you ever decide to go by the sea in Lithuania, I recommend Nida over any other place. If you never been there – it’s a must. Trust me, as soon as you raft from Klaipėda to Kuršių Nerija you’ll see the total change of the scenery, vibe, roads and basically everything. It starts to feel like you are in another dimension.
+ thanks to my favourite master of backpacks Dovilė Bielousovaitė for the opportunity to travel with this amazing backpack.

What was the last time you've been to Nida? Maybe never? I believe this is a must visit place in Lithuania, and I want to share my latest impressions on it. (more…)

Hello, Autumn



Autumn is here and I can’t help myself but feel a bit melancholic. It means I will travel way less (even though I have one travel planned for next weekend), on the other hand this summer felt like constant vacation, and autumn is more about focusing on work and creating things, which makes me excited.
This summer presented me with new opportunities, which made me think about the future of my blog too, changes in my life are already reflecting in my blog, and it will reflect even more + I have some projects I really want to do in the close future. I am starting to think about combining all the elements together as well as possible to create a single continues (personal) brand.
But for now, here you are some pictures from the seaside (obviously the weather wasn’t really good for swimming), but good enough to take a short walk.