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    Not so short story about 2005, low waisted jeans and my approach to fashion.

    Back in deep and dark two thousand and five, everyone wore a particular kind of jeans – low waisted flare jeans, that ware worn during the all seasons. It wasn’t that bad, except for two things – they were so low waisted that whenever you wanted to tie your shoes you have to hold your waist with one hand and tie with another (useful skill to pick) or just be sure that your butt faces the wall, and that it was so long that it collected all the dirt from the ground especially during the winter, and the water just went up your leg along with the dirt, plus from the constant touch with not so soft asphalt it would rip pretty easily at the end.Read more

    Some time ago I got some not so cool critique on my SEO skills, that, at that point of my life wasn’t my main focus nor my biggest strength. I can honestly say, that I didn’t even tried for the SEO of that website, and the critique was not very detailed also – “You understand nothing about SEO”. I was mad for a while, as any human being would be, and admitted, that it was on point few hours later. Even though I never positioned myself as a SEO expert, as stubborn as I am, I decided to learn (obviously not from a person who critiqued me).Read more

    White is one of those colours that will never go out of fashion (design fashion too), yet, it can be boring as hell, since it usually serves as a no-colour for backgrounds – something that is invisible. I am very glad, that Scandinavian design, that is usually mistaken for minimalism, brought colour white out of the graveyard and into a spotlight and embraced it as a single individual colour, proving that it is suitable not only for backgrounds, but can be also used as a main colour. Heck, I’d say it can be used as the only colour.Read more

    Whether you run your business or a blog, it is important to understand your direction – what are your goals, your dreams and how do you and other people perceive your brand. Sometimes we all get tired or carried away, and it is hard to stay on track. Here where your brand’s mission, vision and values comes in handy.Read more

    I am not a major fan of breakfast in general, but I know it’s good for health. So I am trying to discover new ways of making myself breakfast, and one of them is to actually make something to share it on my blog. Plus, it kind of motivates me to look for different meals and that is fun, init?Read more

    Ah, * improvements *. Some of you might have noticed that Facebook feels a bit different these days. Especially if you are content creator. And is has to do a lot with Facebook algorithm (basically the math behind everything that is chosen to be shown in your and everyone else’s feed). The problem with it is people are way more complex than any math problem can solve. Read more