Do epic shit wallpaper

Flower wallpaper "do epic shit"
I’ve been killing time today a bit, working on these flowers. And since I was already there, decided to draft few wallpapers for you to download for free. And since the weather outside if definitely not spring, I wanted to give you some spring vibe at least when you look at your desktop.


Download them for free:
2880 x 1800 dark / 2800 x 1800 bright
1920 x 1200 dark / 1920 x 1200 bright
Iphone 6/7 dark / Iphone 6/7 bright

Mood board #1

Mood board dedicated to Halloween colours - orange and black.
I’ve been working quite a lot lately, and the most amazing thing is that I got some free time to work on my personal projects too, including my blog. I’ve been thinking a lot about it these past few months and where am I heading with it, I’ve done a lot of writing ideas and just brainstorming about it. Finally, I came to few unanswered questions to myself and a lot of new ideas.
This is my first new idea – mood board. Search for inspiration is a part of my life on a daily basis, so sharing it seemed like a logical step. Some of the boards might be colour coordinated, some might be focused on a pattern, shape or for that matter anything.
Since it’s the second half on the October and Halloween is several days away, I decided to start with the mood board for Halloween colours – black & orange. I am not a big lover of colour orange, as a matter of fact, orange is the first thing that pops into my head when I think of colours I just can’t be fond of. So as a redemption I decided to prove mostly myself that orange is a decent colour.
New mood boards will hopefully pop on my blog once in a while, not ready to make a commitment for a particular day of the month or week yet, I’ll just see how it goes.

Ovidijus Maslovas blog website design & dev

Ovidijus Maslovas blog website design and development by Hello, it's August. Design itself maintains minimal aesthetics of the blog, to emphasise the content, and gets rid of all the unnecessary elements, such as sidebar, to maintain focus on the pictures and the text.
Some of you might know that I have a dear friend, who is also a blogger, Ovidijus Maslovas. We recently worked on creating his portfolio page, that I will share very soon, and redesigning his personal style blog, witch you can visit here.
Ovidijus has a very minimal style, so I thought he needs a design to emphasise his perspective and let him he proud of his blog website (in hope that he will post more of his amazing content). So what I did here, was actually creating a WordPress website with a template, that is a bit similar to my own blog, without any sidebars and other distractions to keep to focus on the content itself, with a bit unusual place for a title that would actually pop and might be a bit awkward (because longer words would not stay in one line) but that was our intention. To have a bit of twist.
I did the programming mostly myself too, with a tiny help from my boyfriend. I could not pass an opportunity to improve my programming knowledge, because I do enjoy it once in a while.
You should really follow this blogger not because he is brilliant, a friend of mine and I did the design, but because he actually needs your support to keep up his good work. Because we all need some support, don’t we?


Why I would rather not take a sightseeing bus tour again

Those of you who follow my Instagram account, probably noticed that I posted some pictures from Germany (and there will be more of those), so I went to Germany on a weekend. My boyfriend got this trip as a present from his office, so I joined in. There is a good Lithuanian expression, that goes like “you don’t look at the gifted horse’s teeth”, but since I payed for the horse, I will analyse it as much as I want.
It was sightseeing tour on a bus, and yes, it isn’t my first option to travel like this, probably the one of the last I would say. I rather take a plain, a train, a car, or a cruise (even taken into consideration sea sickness), because boy, oh, boy that is some heavy duty, doc.


Let me make a list of reasons, I would rather not take a trip like that ever in my life again:
  1. From four days on the trip, you spend 2 days in the bus travelling trough Poland. I mean literally in the bus, when you had to wake up in 5am, and you are tired AF, and you try to sleep but you really can’t, because sleeping in the bus is less comfortable than sleeping on the bed of I don’t know what, because bus seat is not a bed. You also make occasional stops to take a walk or eat or basically stand in a line for the bathroom. It might sound not as bad, but try spending all day in your seat by the desk, with standing up for 20 minutes every 3 hours + had slept for max 5 hours.
  2. Food in Poland. I bet they have good food in Poland, but somehow our eating places were the worst. I will take a risk of sounding spoiled, but I like good food, and eating out is some sort of equivalent of good food in my mind, but I bet they serve better food in the smallest Lithuanian village than I had in Poland. Meatballs in canned tomato juice are not cool at all.
  3. Sightseeing of the locations that made me want to yawn. In my totally subjective opinion, some places were amazing, while others were just bulls crap. Like the fortress in Germany, that sounds kind of cool, because it is on the mountain, but when you actually get on the mountain it is the complex of sort of medieval buildings, that is not easy on the eye at all, and rather boring on the inside. We spend about two hours there, and I was dying to move to another object. We also took a walk in some small seem-to-be-uninhabited town in Germany, that has no value for me whatsoever.
    On the other hand, I rather spend more time in Berlin or Dresden, than visiting some other not-so-impressive city in Germany, that has some sort of historical value, because some ruler of ancient Germany lived there, and as if I care about his house for tea drinking that is build in Chinese style. I am not visiting China, am I? As a person with the background in arts, I love to see the uniqueness of the country, some distinct architecture instead of seeing a palace that is build on a mix of ancient Roman, Greek or Chinese traditions.
  4. Locations that I want to spend more time in. Let’s take for example every interesting church we went to, we had 10 minutes, when we had 20 minutes to use the bathroom. See my point? I mean we spend two hours in medieval fortress and 10 minutes in the Berlin churches. SEE MY POINT? Ok, we went to see some sort of piazza in Berlin, but we had 5 minutes to see the Berlin wall (which is probably the only historical date I know). And more over, we saw most of the amazing objects trough the window of the bus. On the bright side that made me want to visit Berlin again, for at least a week to actually explore the city.
  5. Tour guide. She sound like a decent women, apart from her always mixing a word “when” with a word “where” and some other language nonsenses, and she really enjoys talking about history of the country, that has no actual value whatsoever. But that is subjective I guess, since after two days I learnt to sleep while she was talking and have dreams related to the subject of the speech, or just zone out and get into a Luna Lovegood state of mind.
  6. High school vibe. Remember field trips? That is exactly how I felt. I have to admit I was kind of a rebel in school, so I felt like my rebellious side wanted to get out, wanted to ignore things, don’t listen, and run away to see actually interesting things. It didn’t helped that we were seated in the back of the bus, witch made us feel a bit like rebels instantly, playing our games, laughing and talking all the time, and not giving a single shit about the rest of the bus trying to sleep.
  7. Exhaustion. You might feel that just sitting in the bus occasionally getting out to see objects is relaxing, but it’s not, so I had to recover for few days and make up for the lack of sleep. And the muscle pain.


On the bright side, there were some good things too. Like…. Let me think.
  1. Good company. We got lucky to get seats next to amazing people we had fun with.
  2. We actually saw something that was worth seeing and apart from time issues it was worth seeing (like Delorean, that we had to run away to actually see up close).
  3. We slept in hotels and had breakfast, so that is a plus.
  4. I managed to take few decent pictures, plus a picture of Delorean which totally made my entire trip.
In general I would say, that if you never travelled this way, I suggest you would take a risk, because basically with the price of the trip, you could buy cheap flight tickets, seek some accommodation options, and have a way better trip than I had. Even the weekend in Berlin could give you a way better view of Berlin than I had. And you would have a freedom to chose what you want to see, and where you want to spend your time, and yes, you wouldn’t hear some boring historical facts, but if you feel OCD about that, just do your readings.


How I suddenly moved to Kaunas

For those of you who don’t know, I was born In Vilnius, and I’ve been living in Vilnius for my whole life. Vilnius, the capital of a country, called Lithuania, got it’s perks. And there are sure certain believes about people from Vilnius. But let me start at the beginning.
One Friday evening I was sitting with my SO and my friend talking about travelling when one mentioned that I’ve been living in the same city for my whole life. I like to think of myself being pretty smart, but sometimes I am surprised by the obvious things I do not take time to figure out (like the time back in 2012 when I suddenly realised that Titanic is actually reference to Titans from Greek mythology). Then craziest thought just popped in my head – I should move somewhere. Same week, on Sunday, I packed my bags and was moving to Kaunas.
Pretty sure that most of Vilnius citizens would call me crazy, because the common misbelieves (or just believes) about Kaunas (aka second biggest city of Lithuania). I am not here to break those certain believes, because even in Kaunas I spend most of my time in Vilnius street, and I sure understand the irony of it. I am not even trying to prove any point apart from me being able to live in other city.
As soon as I moved,  I realised that living comfortably in my apartment got me lazy, so moving out for some time is actually doing me good, since I am getting out of my comfort zone. I am discovering all the different coffee places in Kaunas, waking up early and working in a different environment. At the same time I quite enjoy the wandering and the chances of randomly meeting someone and getting distracted dropping significantly.
Lastly, I got asked many times, how do I feel about my spontaneous decision and on a scale from “getting a drunk misspelled tattoo” to Brexit, I have to say that I feel good, even if I can’t stop myself from playing “Englishman in New York” at least once in a day.

Autumn in technicolor


I've been moving around quite a bit lately, and planning to move around a bit more. Or travel. But I want to remain some sort of mystery, and I will reveal where I've been spending my days very soon. I believe that those of you who follow me on Instagram and watch my Instagram stories have a clue where I might be, but I want to edit few more pictures before I share my experience.

I went a bit out of town for few days, and I am very happy with the weather. Finally the autumn I was hoping for came. I went out to take some pictures of plants and trees because I couldn't resist not to capture all the shades of autumn. And, I went crazy with color changing, and completely changed them all into my version of autumn.

I wanted to share this post as some sort of autumn-ish vibe, feeling, and the thing that you can actually discover amazing things where you least expect.